Teachers happy to resume despite an unprecedented context

Of course, there are health constraints that will weigh heavily, but there is also, among teachers, the joy of finding students in the flesh on this back-to-school Tuesday.

“Joy! "This is the first word that comes out of the mouth of Shirley Lebailly, SVT teacher in middle and high school (private), in Vitré (35)." I can not wait to find my students tomorrow, she confides this Monday, when her pre-school day has just ended.And yes, clearly, I feel the joy to find them all, in person.It is face-to-face that the relationship is establishes the best, in order to discover their needs and expectations: this relationship will be much simpler than remotely ”.

The difficulties linked to the health context, the teacher does not put them under wraps, nevertheless, she leaves them in their place: "I am serene, because we are ready!" And then the confinement allowed us to develop our creativity, made us develop new skills, as well as to the students and their parents, in digital in particular ”.

"The opportunity to hang up the wagons"

This confidence, Sébastien, who teaches in a professional high school (public) in Finistère, also evokes it: "The pre-school year went well.The protocols are there, we exchanged between us, things are being said and that's good: suddenly, the confidence is there ”.

These two teachers all have in mind that they will find students with different needs and levels, depending on how the pedagogical continuity has been more or less beneficial to them."During a meeting, we have also broached the subject of pedagogical continuity and the case of students who have dropped out in recent months, continues Sébastien.This return is an opportunity for everyone to hang up the wagons."

Posted Date: 2020-09-17

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